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The Good Farmer Fund

Information about the Good Farmer Fund, with instructions for making a donation.

The Good Farmer Fund provides emergency relief assistance to our market farmers in the event of extreme floods, storms and other disasters. 

To donate to the Good Farmer Fund, click in the Donation Amount box (upper right), or mail a check to Good Farmer Fund, c/o  NFMA, 3919 Latona Ave NE, ste. C-1, Seattle, WA 98105.  

100% of contributions go to the Good Farmer Fund (no administrative costs). 


If are a farmer needing emergency relief funds, please call or email the NFMA office. Good Farmer Fund grants are made by the vendor-elected members of the NFMA Board of Directors.

Some Good Farmer Fund Stories:

Let Us Farm: "A year ago winds and flood waters wreaked havoc on our farm. Thanks to the Good Farmer Fund, donations from the Olympia Coop and the Conservation District, all damage has been repaired. We are most grateful and thankful. The farm did well and the GFF was central to our production. Again, our heartfelt thanks, Steve and Cecelia, Let us Farm"

Rama Farm: 40% of their peach and nectarine crop was damaged one summer by an extreme wind storm. The fruit was un-saleable yet still edible.  Rama was granted $3,000 from the fund to buy dehydrating equipment and freezers to produce fruit roll-ups and frozen fruit with the damaged crop - a value-added product and a great success with customers at the markets that fall.  They are also now able to develop other delicious value-added products from their farm produce with this equipment, benefiting the farm and the customers who love their local, organic products.

Alm Hill Gardens: farmers Ben and Gretchen suffered a devastating house fire in 2010, which destroyed not only their hand-built home, but most of their possessions.  The Good Farmer Fund helped offset some of the financial hardship of this very challenging loss.

Since 2008, we've granted $44,325 in emergency relief funds to mitigate situations such as: crop losses due to extreme weather, loss of equipment or greenhouses in fire or heavy snow, and protecting livestock from continued predators issues. The Good Farmer Fund is funded through proceeds from our annual fundraising event, An Incredible Feast and via private donations.  All donations are tax-deductible.

On behalf of all our Good Farmers, we wish to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has helped make the Good Farmer Fund possible.

 See also: Washington Farm Bureau: for more information on helping farmers. web by NPower Seattle